Torque values

These are the tools to measure and set the torque of the AN hardware:

First the bible: AC43 13-1B:

To determine the friction drag I used a new bolt and nyloc nut and measured the torque required to rotate the nut when 1 thread is protruding:

This table is an overview:

Description Unit AN3 AN4 AN5 AN6
USA size inch 3/16 1/4 5/16 3/8
EU size mm 4,80 6,35 7,94 9,53
Thread size 10-32 1/4-28 5/16-24 3/8-24
Wrench size inch 3/8 7/16 1/2 9/16
AC 43.13 torque range AN365 fine thread inch/lbs 20-25 50-70 100-140 160-190
TAF maintenance manual (including friction drag) inch/lbs 18-24 51-70 99-139 159-189
Measured friction drag torque inch/lbs 5 7 12
Total torque* inch/lbs 29 76 150

* AC4.13 max torque + (measured friction drag * 0.8 for torque wrench accuracy)

There’s an interesting movie on this topic: Homebuilt Help – How Accurate is your Hand for Torquing Bolts Properly?
On 1m37s it states to add 0.5 foot/lbs = 6 inch/lbs for the friction drag when using nyloc nuts; which is about the same I figured out when measuring the friction drag.

Update for NAS6603 bolts:
The Cirrus manual for the SR22 shows slightly higher torque values for the NAS6603 bolts:

Another nice article:
Kitplanes Torque Wrench Basics