Hrs: 2

Nose gear strut test fit

Assembling the stack of parts for the nose gear strut.

These needle pin thrust bearings are quite cool:

However their inside diameter is 2″ ~ 50.8 mm, but the nose gear strut with paint is a bit thicker so they bind a bit.

Reason for those bearings is the rotating of the spring as can be seen in this video:

The top bushing was too tight and sanded with coarse and fine grit sandpaper:

All parts in place:

Detailed views of the top and bottom bushings:

Very smooth doesn’t the nose gear rotate, about 7 kg of force is required to get it moving, which is too much:

Grrr, by rotating the strut the bracket for pedal pushrods hit a dent in the engine mount. Thank goodness not too deep and with some sandpaper it could be sanded smooth:

Todo: is some primer and paint touch up here.

For now the engine mount is protected with some foam: