Hrs: 9.5

NACA ducts 2

Work on the top skins and NACA ducts spread over multiple days.

There was a small dent (I think by a cleco) on the topskin. After cleaning the surface was treated with Alodine and the dent filled with JB Weld:

After sanding flush:

After some further research I found out that the OAT sensor in the NACA reads too high temperatures and that mounting in the wing is much better, so no OAT sensor hole in the NACA.

The NACA ducts had some pinholes, those were filled with epoxy resin thickened with micro:

Next was sanding and priming again:

Painting them in the final while color is easier now because they are not yet installed, so spraying from all sides is much easier.

Mixing some T90 white:

White paint curing:

Overkill, but it looks nice, the inside was painted with the same color as the interior:

A lot of work, but finally ready:

The installation was done with some Proseal:

One rivet was a bit long and touch the round/tube part of the NACA and needed to be shortened:

Installation done, aluminium washers at the corners were used for extra strength:

Outside view:

Topskins in places with cleco’s:

Maybe this location needs an extra rivet to have the skin laying flush: