Hrs: 8

Right side skin work

Some work had to be done before the skin could be test-fitted with cleco’s.

New right skin without holes for the main spar carry through:

Some corrosion is visible after removing the plastic:

Using the old skin to mark the holes, just for a rough estimate:

Using a steel angle as a guide to trim the bottom with a Dremel so the skin fits in the reinforcement plate:

With a template drilling the holes for the joining plate:

On the bottom flange 3 holes require upsizing to 4 mm:

The angle of the bottom needs some adjustment:

The custom spacer for the joint where the RF and CF meet was used to drill the 4.9 mm hole:

Sanding to remove all corrosion:

Modifying the skin for the improved and larger reinforcement plate:

Edge rolling where the skin overlaps the RF: