Hrs: 4.5

Firewall tasks

Before riveting the side skins some small tasks were required on the firewall.

Installing the cowling strips. The wider strip is for the DZUS fasteners, but I will go for the Camlock, these require a bit more edge distance thus wider strips. The filler strip remains the same and can be installed now.

The lower 6 holes have 4.1 mm holes in the skin and 3.3 mm holes in the strips and firewall, but the 4 lower holes don’t align that well:

The firewall bottom angle slips under the side skin and must be installed first. The mating surface needed a bit of epoxy primer first:

Because the galvanic steel is unprimed on the engine side I installed the angle with some Ardrox to prevent rust/corrosion:

The hole that is shared with the side skin didn’t align perfect and was upsized to a 4 mm rivet:

Finally the console skins were riveted to the firewall: