Hrs: 9

Improved CF-PLT-007

Due to some minor elongated holes in the main-spar-carry-through and installation of 2 bulkhead fittings for the fuel lines I designed an improved version of CF-PLT-007.

Inspired by the Sling 4 and and TSI design I enlarged this reinforcement plate so that all elongated holes could be enlarged to 4.9 mm:

The location of the bulkhead fittings needed to be adjusted so that the B-nut could be installed, a first prototype was made:

Perfect alignment of the bulkhead fittings:

The 8 holes got elongated when drilling the holes in the new skin. After some structural testing, FEA simulations and consulting experts I enlarged the holes to 4.9 mm:

The final design was machined from 0.09″ 6061-T6 and the holes match-drilled in the skin:

The cutout for the bottom bulkhead fitting in the skin:

The mating surface of the skin needed re-priming:

Finally a filler piece was designed and machined for the inside to fill the hole in the skin: