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Doubler for inside front skin angle

One hole of the inside skins and the angle attached to the side rails didn’t align and needed a fix.

This mismatch was noted a while ago; see More work to front inside side skins and center console skins
And when recreating this angle for the right side I wasn’t sure which hole was correct so I duplicated the angle of the left side; see Recreate CF-ANG-004-R-A

Since the angles are already riveted to the side rails I don’t want to remove them anymore so I came up with a solution to install a doubler and plug the incorrect hole with JB-Weld.

Doublers custom made:

Solid rivets where used to rivet the doubler to the angle:

Doubler riveted in place and hole pluged with JB-Weld:

New hole drilled, here it’s clearly visible where the original hole was and where the hole should be:

Painted with 2K epoxy primer:

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