Hrs: 8

RF/CF joining skins

Before the CF side skins can be test fitted the joining skins between the CF and RF must be installed.

Not all holes of the joining skins lined up with the holes in the RF; 2 were missing and 1 hole was only 3.3 mm:

However the holes of the joining skins aligned with the side skins and reinforcement brackets:

So that was an easy fix; drill 2 holes and upsize 1 hole.

The bottom skin did not sit flush:

Reason was some interference of the sharp corners of the flanges:

I radiused the corners:

And created a small bend in the bottom skin with the seaming pliers:

The skins were edge rolled:

Masking the area for 2K epoxy primer:

Both sides primed:

And the joining skins are primed on the inside and the mating surface on the outside:

After curing the skins could be installed with a little Ardrox:

Inside view while cleco’d in place:

Both skins installed:

Some paint was left in the paint gun so the gps antenna doubler and the arc outer skin were primed: