Hrs: 4

Rivet firewall brackets and channel

I don’t want to rivet the firewall yet because there is some work todo near the rudder pedals and the center console which is much easier when the firewall is not yet installed. However the channel with brackets can be installed now.

The steel brackets were coated with Ardrox for extra corrosion protection:

Brackets installed covered with Ardrox AV30:

For these 6 rivets the longer 4×13 mm rivets were more appropriate:

The center channel got some rivets as well:

Channel in place:

The AN5 bolts on the left size are not square, the holes in the channel and the bracket did not perfectly align:

Another misalignment are the siderails vs the firewall, on the left side both are flush, but on the right side there is a 2 mm gap:

Firewall temporary in place: