Hrs: 4

Rivet left side rail

Riveting the left side rail with a few points of attention.

There is one rivet that cannot be riveted from below since there is no room for the rivet head, therefore this rivet was riveted from above. For that I needed to grind an angle to the nose piece of the rivet gun:

One rivet didn’t had holes through all layers, I drilled a 4.1 mm hole through all layers:

4 mm rivet now through all layers:

2 holes on each side will be up-sized in future for rivnuts to hold the windscreen-frame:

For the 5 holes through multiple layers the longer 13 mm rivets were more appropriate (in red) and 4 holes didn’t lineup exactly and were up-sized to 4,8×10 mm rivets (in blue):

Done for now: