Hrs: 21.5

Redesign joining angles

Since most of the holes of the joining angles didn’t align I decided to remake these parts. This blog entry is the work of multiple days last week.

Most of the holes of the joining angles didn’t align or where conflicting with the stringer below, furthermore the bends were not at the correct location. See one of my previous blogs for more information.

CNC machining the new parts:

The upper angle sits right on location where a rivet goes, I designed a clearance hole here:

Some other changes I made was increasing the hole for the grommet and relocating 2 holes that would conflict with the edge of the string below.

New parts vs parts from TAF:

To do the match drilling I need to add the outside skin of the arc. Before adding the outside skin some fluting en bending was required:

Match drilling ready:

I noted that TAF dimples the holes of the bottom rivet line so that countersunk rivet will fit to have more clearance for the canopy slider. With a 1/8″ dimple die I made the dimples:

Parts ready for primer and installation: