Hrs: 12

Touch up torque tubes and brackets

Paint and Alodine touch up on the brackets and torque tubes.

Since some material was removed from the aluminium brackets bare aluminium was exposed that needed a bit touch up with epoxy primer:

The control sticks and elevator tubes had some nicks and scratches that I sanded away. With that the Alodine layer was partly removed as well. Time to re-Alodine the tubes and the elevator stops. This was more work than expected because my Alodine was almost 5 years old and didn’t work anymore. Purchasing a new bottle of Alodine was quite a challenge and the price tripled in those year. I was happy that the maintenance company of my PA28 had some Alodine in stock and could help me out. Now the controls are nice gold colored again:

Because the tubes are aligned in one position only, I marked some green (right) and red (left) markings to identify the orientation (same colors as the navigation lights).

All my eyebolts are incorrect (SB0020) and new ones will arrive upcoming week, so I wait with the installation until the eyebolts can be installed first.