Hrs: 7

Joining CF to the RF

All work that could be done to the RF at this time was done, so it was time to add the landing gear assembly to the RF.

First was upsizing the holes for the M5 rivnuts to 6.9 mm. I didn’t have a short reamer in that size so I used a piece of a round file and reamed the hole to 6.9 mm:

Rivnuts in with JB Weld:

I hung the landing gear assembly to the RF and riveted from below with the handy hand rivet tool, I used longer 3.2 mm rivets due to the thicker layers of aluminum:

When I assembled the ribs I left a couple of rivets out, otherwise I could not rivet the rivets that connect to the RF:

I added the skin as well:

Next was mounting the elevator stops and doubler plate below:

Front view:

Side view: