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More work to front inside side skins and center console skins

Test fit, prime the front inside skins and rivet the stringers to the front inside side skins.

The center console skins are not symmetrical:

After asking Sling Aircraft is was clear why; these flanges attach to the bottom skin of the parachute box which is a kind of triangle.
Since I build without the parachute option I don’t have the parachute box, so those flanges should be left unriveted.
Maybe I will add a custom bracket to make that section a bit more ridged.

Priming done:

Rivets for the stringers are in (left the outside rivets out in case other parts need to be attached there):

Detail photo of the orientation of the stringers:

2 holes in the left angle don’t align:

I’ll wait before I decide what to do with the misaligned holes until the connecting parts are in.

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