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Start with rear spar assembly

All parts of the rear spar assembly are ready to be assembled, but some issues here…

At first it looks okay, the holes for the AN3 and AN5 bolts align nicely:

But with the rear spar mounting web are some misalignments.

First one is that next to the AN3 holes the drawing shows 5 holes, which is in align with the other components, my part as however 3 larger holes:

Next issue is that some holes in the angle are 3.2 mm but the holes in the web are 4.1 mm, this fix could be easy by up-sizing the holes to 4.1 mm:

And 2 holes on each side have no corresponding hole with the parts behind:

And finally at the top holes don’t align, so either the bend is not correct or the part is too wide, this could be easy to fix by filing a bit material away:

Another email is sent to Sling, it’s a bit annoying running into these issues and being unable in finishing an assembly.

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