Hrs: 6

Main gear mounting frame finished

During the test fit I noticed a couple of things that needed some attention.

First the steel channel had quite some burrs under the black paint:

I removed the burrs and repainted them and added a layer of Ardrox for extra corrosion protection between the aluminium and steel:

To have the best alignment I made some M10 threaded rods (as a replacement for the M10 bolts that will hold the landing gear later):

The holes of the main gear mounting box were too small. I didn’t have a correct size reamer, so I ‘reamed’ the hole with sandpaper, just big enough that the rod went through:

All in place, but the M4x10 mm rivets seemed too short so I used the M4x13 mm which I had on stock:

The bend of the seat channel was too large, I gently hammered it in place and corrected the bend with the seaming pliers:

The countersink rivets go in from the inside:

Rivets are in:

Inside view: