Hrs: 12

Rivet filling with SuperFil

It took a while before I received the SuperFil from a vendor in the UK due Corona and Brexit.

This is a follow up on Filling 3.2 mm rivets left wing.

There were a couple of pin holes in the left wing that I filled with SuperFil and I filled all 3.2 mm rivets of the right wing.

SuperFil needs a thorough mix of each component individually before mixing the 2 components in a 2:1 ratio:

With a 30 ml syringe with 16 gauge blunt tip it’s easy to fill the holes from the bottom to the top:

The viscosity of the SuperFil is much better than epoxy resin with filler:

Sanding goes easy with nail files, first 180 grit and then rotate and a couple of wipes with 240 grit and a final touch with Skotch Brite pad:

Left wing top side ready:

Right wing ready: