Hrs: 8

RF skeleton / skins fixes and applied primer

Continued with the RF skins.

To fix the rib 8 / skin alignment I enlarged the hole to accommodate a 4 mm rivet, the hole in the skin is still elongated, maybe I further up-size to a 4.8 mm rivet (there is sufficient edge distance). I didn’t touch the holes on the right side yet, but now the rib is not straight so I think I have to up-size the right side as well:

With the hand squeezer I removed the contour dents on the outside:

Next I removed some material from the flanges to prevent contours in the skins:

Edge rolling the skins:

It’s easier to drill the rudder cable guides now than later when the skin is on:

Finally I primed the skins, mating surfaces and some touch up of the skeleton:

Bottom, since the RF doesn’t fit in my paint booth I used a foam roller to apply the primer: