Hrs: 10

RF conduits

Like in the wings I used conduits in the rear fuselage.

Instead of the PVC cable supplied by TAF I will use the Tefzel wire in 10 mm conduits for the strobe light and elevator trim servo.
The 1/4 inch nylon tube for the static lines and the coax cable for the com antenna will fit in a 10 mm conduit as well.

Two longerons have already a couple of holes for tie-wraps available, the manual states that addition holes can be drilled into the longerons to secure the wire.

I made a small drill-guide from some scrap aluminium:

To protect the conduit I used some edge grommet, that I fixated with some automotive sealant:

All conduits in:

Snap bushings in the rear:

End of the conduits where the strobe light and elevator trim servo wires will exit:

Conduit for the antenna coax cable:

For this I drilled a 3.2 mm hole in rib 4 and installed a cable guide:

There is a lot discussion where the best location for the static ports is, for now I installed a conduit that ends just behind rib 5, so I will have all options to install the static ports when the factory has defined the best location: