Hrs: 6

RF brackets rib 3 / installed longerons / step support

Last week the replacement parts arrived, so I could continue with rib 3.

The brackets deburred and primed:

Rib 3 in the jig, ready for rivets, but not in the inside holes because these will be riveted with the bulkhead later:

It’s easier to rivet the step support brackets now than in the skeleton:

And also in rib 2:

Ribs with step support in place:

In the tail this angle has a tight fit:

But after some manipulation it’s looking fine:

The tail hook in place with slightly longer rivets (4 x 13 mm) and made sure the tail of the rivet is at the thicker material:

The flange is conflicting with the longeron, I think I just remove a bit with the snips:

Stringers in place: