Hrs: 6

RF rivet longerons / prep bottom skin and longerons

The primer of the longerons 1 and 2 was cured to I could rivet the parts, thereafter I continued with the bottom skin.

The forward angle of longeron 1 is riveted to that longeron with 3 rivets which results in a fixed angle of 8 degrees. The forward angles of longerons 2 are only attached with 2 rivets to the longeron which gives the angle some wiggle room. I don’t know the correct angle but I made sure the angles of longerons 2 are 8 degrees as well. If that’s not correct I have to remove those rivets:

Longeron 1 splice with doubler:

Longerons 301:

Next I deburred and primed the 6 bottom longerons:

The bottom skin had a kink due to packing, I removed the kink the best I could with a wooded stick:

Bottom skin deburred and primed: