Hrs: 8.5

RF rib 2

Although the test-fit of rib 2 looked good there an issue with one flange that needed a fix.

After deburr, prep and priming the rib 2 parts I noted that the bends of 2 flanges were opposite:

After looking in the manual and other blogs the direction was clear and I corrected the bend:

That joint isn’t very strong and bending that flange to the other side didn’t make the joint any better, so I made a doubler for both sides:

After priming the doublers, all parts could go on the jig and get riveted:

Detail of the doubler:

The top joint, is was not clear which flange goes in the front so I just positioned them so that transition was the smoothest:

Rib 2 done:

I didn’t hear back from TAF about the incorrect brackets for rib 3, to I leave rib 3 in the jig for now: