Hrs: 5.5

RF rivet ribs 6-9 and start with ribs 5 and 4

The primer cured overnight so I could assemble the first component of the fuselage.

First step is to rivet the nutplates:

There is some confusion in the manual if these 3 rivets should be 4 or 4,8 mm. The holes are all 4 mm, but I saw on multiple blogs that 1 rib had holes of 4,9 mm and therefore up-sizing the holes was required. TAF stated that they use 4 mm, perfect no up-sizing needed:

It’s important to first rivet the top bracket with 6 rivets before rivet the top 2 nutplates, otherwise 2 rivets conflict with the nutplates:

I love this rivet gun for tight places:

Another important rivet order issue is for rib 6, first rivet rib 6 to the assembly otherwise the center rivet conflicts:

No rivet orientation is stated in the manual so I oriented the rivets so that the tail is at the thickest part:

The 2 AN3 bolts are torqued to 29 inch/lbs:


Next I test fitted rib 5:

And test fit of rib 4:

Like other builders here are some labeling issues right = left and left = right.

Rib 5 deburred and primed: