Hrs: 4

Test fit RF rib 6-9

Between the inventory I was looking forward to assembling some parts, so I started with ribs 6 to 9 of the rear fuselage.

Test fit:

A few small issues that I need to verify with TAF.

First is the SB #0010, my serial number is impacted, I seem to have revision 0 of rib 601, but the thickness is more than 0,64 mm, so this rib should be good to use:

The brackets of rib 7 are not bent exactly the same, it’s easier to fix this now than after assembly:

The 2 outside holes of rib 6 don’t align:

Detail photo:

And these 3,2 mm holes don’t align, but after some manipulating it’s possible to get cleco’s in:

Next I started countersinking rib 9 for the countersunk rivets (I used a 120 degrees countersink tool):