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Filling 3.2 mm rivets left wing

After filling the 4 mm rivets on the top side of both wings I continued with the 3.2 mm rivets of the left wing.

Last week I filled the 3.2 mm rivets and just before the resin was cured I removed the excess resin with a knife.
Today I started sanding the leftover but this is quite time consuming…

With a lighter I removed any air-pockets but despite this I ended up with some pinholes (see rivets marked with yellow tape):

Overall I’m not too happy with this procedure of filling the rivets and will look into other solutions.

I’ve seen quite some builders use Superfil Epoxy Filler, but Aircraft Spruce does not ship this in Europe. But I found a dealer in the UK and ordered 2 sets and see if this product works better.

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