Hrs: 65

Wingtips fiberglass – 6

Past weeks I continued to work on the right wingtip to make sure both tip are symmetrical.

In the latest post I cut the right wingtip in 2 pieces, realigned it and glued it together with one layer of fiberglass cloth.
But this didn’t worked very well because the fiberglass cloth was not supported.

So I cut it again and beveled the edges:

Next I filled the tip with PU foam:

When the foam was cured I removed reshaped the tip and smoothened the foam with a layer of micro:

After sanding the inside and outside it was time to add fiberglass cloth, each layup covered with peel ply:

Also fiberglass on the full length:

Curing while covered with peel ply to give it a rough finish and to remove excess resin:

And like with the left wingtip I recreated a perfect fit for the trailing edge: