Hrs: 11

Wingtips fiberglass – 5

The wingtips should be mounted symmetrical to avoid a heavy wing. Unfortunately both wing tips are not the same size which needed to be corrected.

I decided to make a wooded mold for the left and right wing tip and compare both.
First a made a mold with the jigsaw, next I used that mold and the router to make final molds:

I made 3 reference points in the mold:
– 90 degrees where the main spar is
– height where the nav lights go
– trailing edge

Mold ready, left wing tip in place:

The right wing tip was not similar:
– When level with the main spar the nav lights is about 2 cm higher
– When level with the main spar the trailing edge is about 2 cm higher
– Especially near the trailing edge the tip was to large

First I tried squeezing the right tip in the same position and applied some heat, around 70 degrees Celsius (monitored with IR thermometer):

This didn’t work 🙁

So I decide to cut the tip in 2 pieces and fiberglass the pieces back together (minimum of 4 layers):

Detail of cut with 1 layer of fiberglass and peel ply:

The inside show clearly where some trimming is required:

Quite some work but I think it’s worth having both tips exactly the same…