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Wingtips fiberglass – 2

The height of the wing tip was no the same as the height of the wing so I had to adjust the wing tip.

This blog post is about the work that I did in the last 2 weeks.

First I removed the stiffening fiberglass flange on the top and the bottom:

I used a oscillating multi tool and a dremel to remove that flange, which is quite time consuming.

Next I reinforced the top and bottom with 2 layers of fiberglass and to further stiffen the top I added 3 layers of carbon fiber and 1 larger piece of fiberglass to prevent galvanic corrosion between the carbon and the aluminium strip:

I used epoxy resin and peel ply to cover the curing layer. Using peel ply reduces the amount of resin in the fiberglass / carbon fiber and prevents sanding when adding another layer.

Next I created strips of aluminum from my scrapped wing skins and glued with some tank sealant in place:

When all was cured I did a test fit and found that the bottom didn’t had a nice fit anymore. Probably because I shortened the tip a bit to make sure it’s parallel with the main spar:

Next I will remove the gelcoat (near the flange) with 40 grid sandpaper and will add some layers of fiberglass on the outside to ensure a perfect fit.