Hrs: 3

Right wing alignment of wing tip skins

Now that rib 11 and skin 8 are in on both wings it’s time to add the right flap and aileron and compare the alignments of both wings.

Because not all holes of skin 8 line up, these skins have some wiggle room.
I made sure the bottom flanges of rib 11 are one straight line and I measured the hypotenuse to make sure that both skins are in an identical location:

After the alignment was sorted out I used a small file to enlarge the hole in skin 8 to match the hole in the wing top skin and rib 11:

Next I measured and compared the gap between the flight surfaces.

Between skin 8 and the aileron on the top 11 mm and on the bottom 7 mm:

Between the flaps and ailerons 10 mm:

And between the flaps and the step ribs 7 mm:

Looking good:

I was concerned about the fact that some rivets on the outside of the aileron touch the outside aileron hinge:

TAF informed me to use a thick and a thin AN4 washer there to avoid this. The question was not needed because if I had looked into the finishing kit manual I could have seen this…