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Wing tip shims

While watching SpaceX Demo-2 Mission Launch live I’m writing this post about the shims I made to fix the 2.5 mm gap near the wing tip.

I didn’t like the bulging of the wing skin near rib 11. I tried lowering the tabs of rib 11 which was not a success and I had to order new parts.

After consulting TAF I came with a solution to make a shim to blend-in the skin to the higher rib.

First I designed the shim in Onshape:

Due to Covid-19 receiving parts from Aircraft Spruce takes ages so I sourced locally 6060 Aluminum.

With a oscillating band sander (grid #40) it took some time and quite some heat to create the shims:


The shim goes under the skin at this location:

Looks much better: