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Rib 11 / skin 8 issues

What I though should be straight forward became a longer story. Rib 11 bulges up and the gap between aileron and skin is not parallel.

The is the bulging on the left wing; doesn’t look good:

Inspecting the right rib 11 is exactly the same. I noted that the flanges are not bent properly, because the width of the flanges is smaller there and the holes are not in the middle:

I tried to lower the flange by making a wooden mold and tap the flanges down but I overdid it and damaged the rib.
TAF informed me that this bulging is on purpose to stimulate air flowing over the aileron. However the bulging I see is more than what the factory pictures show.
I ordered new parts and either leave the ribs like this of tap the flanges in that area only a little bit.

I attached skin 8 and made sure it’s a straight line with the top and bottom wing skins.
2 holes are not aligned:

And after attaching the aileron I noted that the gap in between is not parallel:

TAF informed me that this will be changed in the future.

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