Hrs: 9

Shims for right fuel tank

The brackets of the right tank didn’t lean on the main spar for the top holes, this needed some shims to fill the gap. This gap is a result of the other issues I had with the main spar.

Between the main spar and bracket 1 is a space of about 2.6 mm:

Bracket 2 has a space of about 2.1 mm:

To find the exact thickness of the spacers a mixed some 2K putty between plastic and let it set:

I removed the tank after the putty had cured:

Measuring the thickness:

I created some shims from T2024-T4 aluminium.

Shim under bracket 4:

Shim under bracket 3:

Shim under bracket 2:

Shim under bracket 1:

Inside view:

Due to the thickness of the spacers the bolts of bracket 1 and 2 of the top holes are too short. I ordered some longer bolts from ACS.