Hrs: 4

Leak test right tank

Exciting to start leak testing of the right tank.

Sealing the fuel cap with some tape to prevent false positives:

On the vent side I plumbed a Schrader valve, to prevent a leak in here I used a bit fuel lube.
To prevent overpressure I used a bicycle pump to control the pressure.

Note: I used a pressure of 1 PSI, not more!
(In the build manual is written 1 BAR which is too much and could damage the tank)

On the fuel sender side of the tank I used a cap and an hose adapter:

I built a manometer with an 8 mm transparent hose.
1 PSI ~ 70,3 cm H2O is 35,15 cm on each side.

Fingers crossed that the tank has no leak…

See Fuel tank leak test for more info.