Hrs: 4

Right fuel tank surgery

When I closed the right fuel tank I made a mistake: z-bracket number 2 is rotated.
Since the Proseal is cured it was time to fix this mistake.

First I removed the rivet heads and punched out the rivet tails. With a magnet I got the tails and make sure I had all 10:

With wooden wedges and a knife I removed the bracket:

And with some sandpaper, SkotchBrite and Acetone I removed all remaining Proseal. Next I used the inside-out deburring tool to clean the holes:

Correct orientation:

Small batch of Proseal. With a syringe I inserted the Proseal in each hole and with a hook from electrical wire I did the best I could to spread the Proseal on the inside:

Inside view from the fuel sender entry:

Outside view:

After curing I can do the pressure test.