Hrs: 3

More fuel tank miscellaneous

There are a couple of more things that needed to be done before closing the tank.

Since the rivnuts in the new left tank spin before reaching 20-25 inch/pound I removed them. I grinded from a piece of aluminium a special scraper and removed the tank sealant around them and cleaned the area with SkotchBrite and Aceton:

With the seaming pliers I modified the backplate so that it’s nicely aligned with the main spar:

Much better now:

Another thing I noted is that the float is not moving freely and can be positioned at any position, this could cause a stuck fuel sender:

Peter V. advised to open the sender, like he did and modify the spring a tiny bit.
It only takes 2 screws to open it:

Much better now, to double check I measured the resistance, which is like it should be: