Hrs: 4

Fuel tank miscellaneous

Some small tasks needed to be done before closing the tanks.

First I tested the friction of the rivnuts of the new left tank. I want to torque the M4 bolts for the fuel sender with at least 20 inch/lbs. So I checked if they remain in place when applying 25 inch/lbs. Unfortunately almost all start spinning long before this value was reached. I have to redo these, which is easy now since the fuel tank is still open.

Next I looked at the ghost hole which I have in the right tank but not in the new left tank. I think this is a revision update. Since I want both wing to be symmetrical I transferred the position of the ghost hole to the left tank:

Before drilling through the bottom skin of the right wing I protected the main spar with a piece of aluminum and tape:

Hole done without damaging the main spar:

Then I continued with putting the right fuel tank together and match drilling all the holes:

Peter V. advised me to check the alignment of the flange of the backplate with the main spar. If the gap is too large this could tear the sealant apart. Especially the top side needs some tweaking: