Hrs: 6

New left fuel tank Proseal session 4

Testing the unusable fuel and installing the fittings.

First I created the brackets for the fuel return and pickup fitting:

It’s possible to alter the location of the fuel pickup a bit. It needs to be clear of the rivets of the fuel drain:

I wonder if and how the position of the fuel pickup impacts the amount of unusable fuel. The construction manual says 2 liter unusable. Safety alert 5 says 0.5 liter. I decided to do a test and temporary sealed the old left fuel tank and simulated a dihedral of 5 degrees. Filled it with water until the fuel pickup was covered completely; is was about 0.5 liter. In my opinion it doesn’t matter if the fuel pickup is 1 mm higher or lower:

Next sealing session is an extra bead of Proseal around the ribs:

And add the breather lines:

I did not put Proseal on the outside fitting / overflow tube like a did with the previous tanks. Having this tube installed makes it difficult to rivet the backplate on the tank:

Fuel pickup and return fittings (I made sure no sealant is at the location where the gasket comes):

TAF sent a new fuel pickup which is longer than the ones I received for the first 2 tanks. I have to be careful when closing the tank that no sealant clogges the fuel pickup: