Hrs: 4

New left fuel tank Proseal session 2

The work continued with the fuel drain and fuel cap.

I didn’t like spending time in removing the fuel drain and fuel cap from the first tank since those were covered is a lot of tank sealant.
TAF sent me a new fuel drain and the 2 rings for the fuel cap.
The neck of the fuel cap was not separate available, I ordered this from Andair in the UK.

The fuel drain from TAF was different then the onces I already used, the holes of the fuel cap rings didn’t align and the color of the fuel cap neck, received from Andair, had a lighter color:

Long story short: I had to remove the parts from the first fuel tank and remove the cured tank sealant.

Next was applying tank sealant to the fuel cap, I used 4×16 mm sealed rivets and 1 4×10 mm rivet where the breather line will be. I clamped the fuel cap neck in place to make sure it’s flush:

And the fuel drain: