Hrs: 6

Rivet top skins right wing

Finally it’s time to close the right wing.

I have quite some experience now in putting wing skins on because I had to do is so often.

Best order is:
– rivets are a bit thicker than cleco’s, so use many rivets and some cleco’s in between
– outboard skin first
– start with the 4 mm holes in the main spar
– work from the center outwards
– next are the 4 mm holes in the rear spar
– also here: work from the center outwards
– do the same for the center skin
– add rivets and cleco’s where both skins overlap
– next are the stringers, start in center and work outwards
– next the ribs, start in the center and work outwards
– last is the step skin
– start with main spar
– rear spar next
– all other rivets in step skin last

Happy with the result, much better fit than the left wing. Why? I don’t know; these are replacement skins because the skins that were shipped with the kit were damaged; maybe a newer revision?

Ready for riveting:

And ready, except for the rivets that need replacement according SB0014:

Spacer to fill the gap (just like the left wing):

Cutout for conflicting rivet:

4,8 mm rivets instead of 4 mm rivets because I enlarged these holes because the holes didn’t align on all holes of the extension bracket of the rear spars:

Alodine the area for the stainless steel rivets for SB0014:

And epoxy primer: