Hrs: 8

Replace bottom skin right wing

To solve the issue with the right outboard bottom skin I received a new skin from TAF.

I liked none of the possible solutions to fix the enlarged holes of the bottom skin and main spar, see Bottom skin right wing issues. TAF decided to make a special skin without these holes, so I could drill them at the correct location; great service from TAF!

First I had to remove the old skin:

With a strap duplicator I could drill the holes at the correct place:

Done, happy with the result:

Next was making sure the skin did not bulge, here and there some holes needed minor match-drilling. Thereafter it was time for deburring, cleaning and priming. I let the skin dry outside in the sun so I could assemble it the same day:

Rivets done:

Like the left wing I added Proseal in the main spar:

And assembled the inspectionpanel doublers: