Hrs: 3

Outboard fuel tank bracket hole alignment

When I test-fitted the fueltank backplate including the brackets I noted that I needed to fix the hole alignment of the outboard bracket.
Better to fix this now than later with all the skins attached and the fuel tanks ready.

The center of the holes in the bracket are 78.0 mm apart:

However the holes in the main spar are only 76.5 mm apart:

I created a template to enlarge the holes so that they are 78.0 mm apart in the main spar as well:

Reaming with #10 reamer:

Oval holes where the AN3 bolts of the brackets do fit:

To give the bolts some play I enlarged the holes further with a letter A reamer:

Since the fuel tank on that location will also fitted with many rivets this won’t be a problem.

Fuel tank with brackets has a perfect fit now: