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Top skins right wing

Working on the top skins of the right wing, unfortunately also issues with them.

The 3 top skins aligned nicely, some holes were slightly undersized and with help of a reamer I reamed them so that a rivet would fit.

Lots of cleco’s and rivets:

The paint booth was a mess and the outgoing filter was clogged. I cleaned the paint booth and replaced the filter:

When I started prepping the skin I did a disappointing discovery.
The skins are damaged under the blue plastic, next to each hole is a tool mark of the cnc punch 🙁
I tried buffing the marks out with a Skotch Brite wheel on an cordless drill, that took a lot of time and I had to go fairly deep.

Since the wings are structural I talked to TAF and they will replace the skins.

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