Hrs: 5

New bottom skin right wing

New right bottom skin received.

The holes of the bottom skin and main spare were not aligned perfectly, up-sizing the holes ended up with too large holes.
After some research and discussion with TAF it was clear that the flanges of the main spar were bent a bit offset and the skin was perfect.
However replacing the spar would me very expensive and we found a compromise to replace the skin.
But not a standard but a skin without having the 4 mm holes pre-punched, so that I can drill them myself.

Many thanks to Keith for letting my skin travel in his wing kit crate!

The cutout for the landing gear is different (larger) than on the old skin, this new revision has the correct cutout.
In other words I will have to enlarge the cutout on the left wing:

With a special copy tool I could drill the holes at the right place.
I clecod the old and new skin to make sure the alignment was correct:

The misaligned hole on the left bottom skin that I had to fill with JB-Weld was also on the old skin, but not on the new skin anymore.
So that’s a perfect improvement:

After preparing the skin it was time to protect it with wash primer:

Rib 1 is slightly low, just like the left wing I created a tapered spacer: