Hrs: 4

Step ribs right wing

I received the replacement step rib #4 so I could continue with the step ribs of the right wing.

A while ago when I was setting the rivets of the right step ribs I made a mistake. The rivet in the corner is difficult to set correct and I elongated the hole when drilling the rivet out.

I ordered a new rib:

Next I filled the elongated hole with JB Weld and after 24 hours I reamed the hole from 4.1 mm to 4.9 mm.
The rib was de-burred and primed with wash primer.
For the backside I made a doubler.

The 10 mm rivets that TAF supplied are on the short side for the in total 5.3 mm thick parts. I used 13 mm long rivets for the 4 mm rivets and 15 mm long rivets for the 4.8 mm rivet (for the elongated hole):

The rivets in the sharp corner are difficult to set but with help of the accu rivet gun with the long nose and the rivet wedge it’s doable:

The doubler on the backside for extra strength and on the bottom the thicker rivet due to the fix of the elongated hole:

The total tickets of the materials of step rib 1 requires 4.8 x 17 mm rivets: