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Fuel pickup and return fittings

I received the new fuel tank hardware to start on the fuel pickup and return fittings again.

First I replaced the conflicting rivet of the fuel drain with a shorter one of 10 mm.

Then I aligned the fuel pickup and torqued the B-nut to 110 inch/lbs.

These spatulas are very handy when applying the sealant around the fittings:

For the fuel return I used the narrow aluminium washer provided by TAF on the inside and an AL960-916 on the outside.
And for the fuel pickup an AL960-916L washer and on the outside an AL916-960 washer.
Also here I applied some sealant on the outside of the B-Nut of the fuel pickup.

Left tank:

Right tank:

Outside view:

While heaving some sealant remaining I added some sealant to the fuel sender plug: