Hrs: 4

Sealing fuel tank fittings

Mixed a 2 oz Semco cartridge with tank sealant for the tank fittings.

I started with the shorter rivet for the fuel cap with some sealant and continued with the breather line elbow.

Elbow for breather lines done:

I did not tighten the outside breather line since that would make the closing of the fuel tank and riveting the brackets very difficult.

Inside view:

I added some Loctite 577 to the threads of the flared fitting of the inside breather line as described in the manual. Although I don’t understand why; because flared fittings don’t need any sealant at all. A related topic on the VAF forum about a RV10 fatal crash due to RTV on a fuel fitting, flared fittings are dicussed in this topic as well; link.
Update 30-March-2019:: I removed the Loctite; see next post.

For the fuel sender I replaced the cleco’s with sealed rivets with some sealant and I sealed around the bracket.


Next I started applying tank sealant to the fuel pickup and return fittings. Unfortunately the fuel pickup conflicted with the longer rivets I used for the fuel drain. Since the open time of 2 hours for the tank sealant was reached and I needed to remove the conflicting rivets I removed these fittings again and cleaned the skin with Acetone. The fittings are covered with tank sealant and difficult to clean for reuse. I just leave them as they are and order new fittings from Aircraft Spruce.