Hrs: 4

Fuel breather lines continued

I continued with bending the other breather line and installed them and started working on the fuel sender units.

Bending the second breather line was easy with the exact locations of the bends.

However making the flare a bit difficult due to the flaring tool. I purchased this at Oshkosh but it squeezes the tube and leaves tool marks. The result with some patience is okay but for future flares I will purchases a better tool.
Here the tool and the final flare:

The holes for the breather lines were too small and needed to be up-sized to 3/8″ with a step drill. I used the grommets that were shipped with the kit: HW-GRM-003-X-X-0.

I don’t know yet when and how the wings will be painted and how easy it is to remove the grommet. Anyhow; I used the Alodine pen to add corrosion protection underneath the grommet:

Both ready and installed:

Next I disassembled the fuel sender units. The manual advises to countersink the outside of the lid, but the original brackets have the countersinks on the inside?!?!

Here the disassembled part and the rubber gasket:

I ordered some extra parts from Ebay to crimp a new connector so I can shorten the wire and countersink rivets to add an extra ground connector.