Hrs: 6

New pitot tube

Garmin replaced my pitot tube because it did not pass the leak test; great service from Garmin! So I could redo the installation.

In the previous installation I used a 45 degrees bend for the tubes but this was not ideal because they were pretty close to the mounting bracket. I changed to 90 degrees bend.

Deburring done:

Flares ready with a perfect outside diameter:

Instead of butt splices I moved to knife connectors, this makes it easier to replace:

Torquing the b-nut with the crowfoot at 30 inch / lbs:

Heatshrink around the knife connectors:

To test the wiring and heating element I cannot use the 5A power supply because the heating draws more current. Therefore I used a 12V car battery:

Hot hot hot:

Installation done:

I’m doubting wether I should create an extra bracket to fixate the connector to the spar…

For the leak test I improved the setup with the water manometer, digital manometer in parallel and syringe to create pressure or vacuum:

I did a leak test of the manometer setup, the pitot system, the AOA system with the holes in the pitot closed with masking tape. Last I did a test with pitot and AOA connected; I’m happy it’s less than 10 kts in 1 minute starting at 150 kts: