Hrs: 6

Fuel tank ribs 101

Test fit and mounting of the fittings and brackets of left and right rib 101.

The brackets for the fuel return are not included in the kit, but it’s easy to make. I created a wooded model to bend an aluminium strip:

Brackets done:

Peter V. informed me about sealed rivnuts, I ordered them in steel and stainless steel and did a test:

Left steel, in the middle stainless steel and right rivnuts similar as shipped with the kit. The stainless steel are very difficult to set and warp easily, so I will use the left ones (steel sealed).

The holes in the back plates are too small and need to be up-sized to 6 mm with a step drill:

Ready for some proseal, all scuffed with Skotch-Brite pad and de-greased with Acetone (also the rivnuts):

I bought a second rivnut tool (2 hand operation) which is more convenient then the smaller tool for M4 rivnuts.

The forming holes are closed with 4,8 mm sealed rivets and M5 washers (outside diameter 15 mm).

While I had proseal left in the Semkit I mounted the fuel drains:

The sealed rivets shipped with kit are too short, I ordered longer sealed stainless steel rivets (3,2 x 12 mm):