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Fuel tank sealant test

I received the tank sealant and sealant gun so I could experiment with the “goop”.
Also I looked at the fit of the fuel cap and drain valve.

I’m using Flamemaster CS3204 Semkit. You can mix this by hand or with a special expensive mixer. I ordered an accu drill adapter but you have to be carefull to mix slowly; 50 strokes and one 90 degrees rotation on the push and another 90 degrees on the pull.
More info from another vendor: How to Mix an Injection Style SemkitĀ® by Hand

I’m going to use Acetone for cleaning the aluminium and rivets and not MEK or Methyleen Chloride.

This is the sealant gun I’m using: Sealant Gun Combo

Here an image of my test where I used the tank sealant on 2 scrap pieces:

One thing I noted is that the sealed rivet do not expand that much as the Polygrip rivets, so hole size is much more critical with these rivets!

I also did a test fit of the fuel cap:

The 2 rings go on the inside. I don’t need to chamfer the ring for the fuel cap because it’s already flush with the skin out of the box, maybe only a bit depending on how much sealant goes in.

The rivets for the fuel drain are too short, I ordered longer (3.2 x 12 mm) stainless steel sealed rivets for this: